The Super Herd Solution

Precision hardware and data driven software to bring you real-time analytics and insights on your herd.

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We understand the day to day challenges in working with cattle and this practical understanding has led us to develop a low carbon IoT digital solution in the form of Stockman system.

Stockman is unlike any other weigh system on the market. It not only captures stress-less weight, water intake and temperature* data 24/7 in real-time from your herd, but crucially allows the user to automatically sort animals without the need for handling. The system can independently move animals from one pen to another with no labour and stress free. Using multiple criteria choices either decided by the user and applied through the Stockman App or by the systems own smart alerting abilities. 

Seamlessly brings together practical hardware and precision data driven software. When paired with our cutting-edge mobile application lets you monitor real-time the statistics and status of your herd on-the-go from your smartphone.

The simple measures of weight, water intake and temperature* provide a strong correlation to health, stress and profitability of the herd and can be utilised by both suckler and finisher units, across large and small scale enterprise. Stockman's modular design delivers a one fit system that has benefit to all, enabling effortless herd management and decision-making, improving cost and margin across the whole production system. 


Increased margins £50-100 est. per animal with 24/7 weight measurement, prediction & targeting for precision grading, eliminating growth disruption and stress.

High health & welfare monitoring with alerting, producing meat less exposed to antibiotics (AMR) and injection carcass damage.

Significant carbon reduction est. from farm trials up to 25% per animal.

Improved health and safety with less labour required.

Evidence-based stronger sustainability and environmental story for the beef sector.




  • Integrated hybrid functionality 
  • Remote operation: sort/draft/quarantine 
  • Stress-free weighing 
  • Auto capture 

Sensor Tech

  • Real-time data 24/7 
  • Growth performance
  • Stringent Health and Welfare monitoring
  • Early alerts on disease 
  • Reduced exposure to antibiotic/injection damage


  • Predictive data ‘in your hand’ 
  • Improves planning & quality of abattoir readiness 
  • Ensures carcass grading accuracy 
  • Enhances consumer quality needs


During your consultation meeting, you’ll learn more about the Herd Advance systems
and discuss how they can be implemented on your farm.

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