June 18, 2020

Proud winners of the Technical Innovation Award at Royal Highland Show

Herd Advance are delighted to receive the 2020 Royal Highland Show Silver Technical Innovation Award for their Stockman Herd Management System

Proud winners of the Technical Innovation Award at Royal Highland Show

The Stockman combines integrated functionality to gather individual animal data in real-time, in stress free conditions, measuring the key indicators of weight, water and temperature to provide a powerful data source enabling correlation to disease detection and performance analysis.

Crucially, the Stockman also has the ability to allow the farmer to automatically sort animals without the need for handling. The system can independently move animals from one pen to another with no labour and stress free via user choices applied through the smartphone app or by the systems own smart alerting abilities.

Herd Advance hope that the Stockman system will be a step change for the beef sector offering the capability to use data driven innovation to improve on farm productivity whilst supporting sustainable farm practice. They look forward to bringing the Stockman to commercialisation over the coming months and returning to achieve the Technical Gold Award at the Royal Highland Show in the coming years once eligible.

Murdoch Duncan Co-Founder Herd Advance

Herd Advance Director, Murdoch Duncan said:

"It was a great achievement, recognising the innovation and technology involved in developing the Stockman but also supporting the hard work and effort by the Stockman team in taking an inventive idea, progressing to concept and soon to be commercial system. Our aim at Herd Advance is to provide innovative on-farm tech and systems to improve herd management in support of the beef sectors drive to greater business efficiency, reducing the carbon footprint and increased profitability."

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